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Photograph of the book "Caral: The First Civilization of the Americas"

Caral: The First Civilization in the Americas

Capturing the monumental architecture as well as the stunning landscape in which it resides, Caral: The First Civilization in the Americas is the only photographic survey of this Peruvian excavation. With photographs by American Christopher Kleihege and insight from the site’s lead archeologist, Dr. Ruth Shady, this first edition provides a magnificent tribute to the oldest civilization in the Americas. This unique collection of photographs also includes the first ever images of the distinctive artifacts that have been discovered at the site of this preceramic society.

The discovery of this first civilization in Caral is showcased in each of the 182 spectacular color photographs displayed in this 168-page hardcover edition. The description accompanying each photo is in both English and Spanish. Universidad de San Martin de Porres Press, 2008. ISBN # 978-9972-33-792-5.

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